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Automatic Vest Bag Making Machine

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Automatic Vest Bag Making Machine 


 Bag Making Machine (DFHQ500-700) adopts the materials like rolled films of LDPE and HDPE to manufacture vest type bags. It adopts computer PLC comtrol, featuring in high degree of automation. And servom(stepping) motor to fix the length, photoelectric tracking, auto punch, finished product automatic conveying. It has good production benefits.

2.The main parameters:

Model   DFHQ500   DFHQ600   DFHQ700   DFHQ800
Max. Width (mm)     450     580     650     750
Max length   within 2m   within 2m   within 2m   within 2m
Working speed(pc/min)    60-130    60-130    60-130    60-130
Power of motor(kw)    1.2     1.5     1.6     1.8
Weight (kg)    750     800     850     900
External dimension(L*W*H)mm4300x1350x15004300x1450x15004300x1500x15004300x1550x1500

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