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FQ Series Heat-Sealing And Cold-Cutting Double-Layer High-Speed Flat Mouth Vest

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● Uses 

This machine suitable is for production of high-low pressure vest bags, arc bag, duck bags, food bags, flat bags, disposable medical packing bags (garment bags, shoe bags) sanitary towel bags, etc. (it can produce Arc bags as long as accede to the front device)  

●Performance and Characteristics 

1.The whole machine adopts microcomputer control and material-pulling by stepping motor(servo motor control system can be selected and equipped) 

2.Arbitrary fixed-length, accurate and stable step photoelectric tracking,stopping automatically when the label is lost.

3.Automatic counting and aslo can set counting alarm 

4. Heating-seating decorative border, automatic constant temperature.film and smooth sealing. 

Minimum Bag Width150mm170mm170mm
Maximum bag width260mm300mm340mm
Minimum bag length260mm260mm260mm
Maximum bag length550m650m750m
Sealing and Cutting Thickness0.008-0.04mm0.008-0.04mm0.008-0.04mm
Yield per minute40-120pc/min40-120pc/min40-120pc/min
The total amount of the required electrical5kw6kw7kw
The amount of the required voltage0.5-0.6Mpa0.5-0.6Mpa0.5-0.6Mpa
Machine size5300 × 1200 ×1900mm5300 × 1300 ×1900mm5300 × 1400 ×1900mm

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