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Disposable bar cap making machine

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(A) Performance and features:

1. The machine for automation. From raw materials into the layer to the product count full automation. Using ultra-high-power ultrasonic welding, the ends of the non-woven fabric and elastic fixed effectively. From the raw materials into the finished product into full automation, the whole industry only one person homework.

2. Frequency control.

3 feeding that is finished.

4. Automatic temperature control.

5. High-power ultrasonic welding and heating combined.

(B) Process:

1. Equipment using ultrasonic heat, frequency control, the production of non-woven materials, disposable non-woven non-woven bar cap from the feed to the finished product to complete the integration of production.

(C) the production process:

Automated feeding - import - folding - welding - forming cut off

(D) Technical parameters:

1, the power supply voltage: 380v / 200v 50HZ

2, installed capacity: 4.5KW

3, design speed: 120PCS / min

4, the best speed: 70-100PCS / min

5, Dimensions: 4800 × 1000 × 1400 (L × W × H)

6, the whole weight: 1000KG

7, conventional size: 480 * 200mm (length * depth)

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