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Disposable plastic sleeve making machine

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Performance and features: From raw materials into the product layer to the entire count of automated operations. Ultra-high-power ultrasonic welding, both ends of the cuff and elastic fixed effectively. From the raw materials into the finished product into full automation, the whole industry only one person homework.

Technology: Equipment using ultrasonic heat, frequency control, production of non-woven PE CPE material, disposable steering wheel cover. From the feed to the finished product to complete the integrated production.

Production process: Automated feeding - Import - Fold - Welding - Molding cut off

The latest independent research and development version of automatic sleeve manufacturing equipment, can produce a variety of specifications PE, CPE sleeve, to adapt to a variety of elastic products, the current market opportunities.

1. Frequency control

2 feed that is finished.

3 automatic temperature control.

4. High-power ultrasonic welding and heating combined.

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